A Guide to Outdoor Weddings


The question was popped, the answer was yes, the date has been set. Now, what? As you begin planning your wedding, one of the first (things) you decide is whether your event will be indoors or outdoors. Spring and summer are the most popular seasons for outdoor weddings and receptions. The Oklahoma weather is a bit tricky to predict at times, but with a little help from Conventions and More, there’s no reason why your event shouldn’t run smoothly.

One of the biggest pieces of advice we can give to a couple is to keep calm and plan on. Conventions and More makes it easy to plan your event from start to finish. We offer rentals for tents, tables and chairs, table covers, decorations, lighting, and even the dance floor! It’s much easier to avoid the stress of wedding planning when you have all your rentals, setups, and appointments under one roof. We’ve been in the business for quite some time now. This has allowed us to provide our customers with everything they’ll need to create the perfect setting. 

Because of our diverse portfolio of events, we have partnered with a variety of vendors. So if you’re lost when it comes to location, menu and music, we can point you in the right direction. We believe that you should enjoy this very special time together. For more information about our wedding rental options, give Conventions and More a call at (405) 949-0641. To get you jumpstarted on your journey down the aisle, we’ve compiled a handy checklist to review in the meantime!

1. Location, location, location.

You’ve set the when, but what about the where? The location is everything when it comes to wedding planning. We recommend opting for a setting that exudes the personality of you and your fiancé. If it’s a bit out the way, we suggest padding your setup with some extra time to cover transport.

2. Let’s pitch a tent.

Whether your wedding event is formal or casual, our tent rentals come in all shapes, sizes and materials. We’re happy to share our recommendations, accommodating the venue’s spatial constraints, and work with you on decoration options to create the vision you had in mind! Something to be aware of when choosing a tent is one that works with your venue’s surface such as pavement, grass, or sand.

3. Where should we sit?

Tables and chairs are also important aspects of wedding planning. Luckily for you, we have a wide variety of options to fit any space and number of guests. You’re always welcome to stop by, we’d love to give you a look at our products in person.

4. The icing on the cake.

Now that you have the setup taken care of, it’s time to spruce up the space! We have a ton of rental options available such as curtains, tiebacks, and tablecloths down to the serve ware and napkins. Decide what elements are most important and build up from there. An idea that we love is draping fabrics to soften the space. This can also be done to create sectioned off rooms.

5. This little light of mine.

As the night progresses, you’ll need to address lighting. If you’re using an indoor-outdoor structure like a tent or barn, set the perfect mood with our lanterns or chandeliers. If your setting doesn’t have access to electricity, luminaries or Mason jars with tea lights create the perfect glow along walkways.

6. Would you like to see a menu?

One of the great things about an outdoor wedding is that you have the option to really get creative with the menu. Regardless of the cuisine, plan on having plenty of cold water and beverages on hand. Schedule a site visit with your caterer if possible to make sure they’ll well-equipped to handle the space. In most cases, they’ll need a separate tent for prepping.

8. Grab your dancing shoes.

A wedding calls for a celebration. We can provide recommendations on entertainment and even set up the dance floor! The key to successful planning is staying consistent and timely. Let us help waive your wedding stresses away and unveil an event made for the books!

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